At your fingertips

Vesseaux Village

2km away, the village has a superette, butcher’s bakery, optician etc, sports facilities, (tennis, football, skate bowl, beach soccer/volleyball ground, playground, and a historic centre with a 12th century church.

Going Out

A wonderful variety of restaurants, from family-friendly to gastronomic, bistros de pays, vineyards to visit.

Festivals and concerts with atmosphere.


Daily colourful markets with fresh produce and crafts

Fine castles and museums.

World Wonders

Unesco World Heritage site:The Chauvet Cave 2 with its ancient and astonishingly detailed prehistoric drawings.

France’s Grand Site, The Aven d’Orgnac Cave of enchanting natural beauty

Other unique and beautiful natural caves; each worth a visit.

Outdoor Activities

The region’s many rivers provide refreshing respite from the heat, especially the Ardeche and its beautiful tributaries LaBeaume and the Chassezac.

Swimming, kayaking, canyoning, fishing, hiking, mountain-biking, cycling the Ardèche’s rail-trails, rock-climbing climbing and zip line tree adventure parks, horse-riding.

Discover the Pays d’Aubenas-Vals